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The Corvette Team at MacMulkin Corvette prides themselves on providing a top-notch purchasing experience for every one of our customers.  We work diligently with each and every customer from building their Corvette and walking them through the ordering process, to introducing them to their new Corvette and spending as much time as necessary to explain each and every feature of their car.

Below are some of the awesome reviews we’ve received from our customers!

[divider] 01-16-2018

“I just purchased the car with the assistance of Jesse LaMontagne and had a wrap installed upon Jesse’s suggestion. Great job. I wish to add that Kenny G delivered me the car on Saturday in a most diligent and comfortable manner. I have only praise for all the professionals at MacMulkin from the people that routed my calls for the sales dept, to the men who prepped the car for delivery and also Mark who was the first person to assist me in my search for my 1st Vette who remembered me six months later. Thanks also for the team approach to marketing Corvettes and how that team made this purchase easier than all others in a lifetime of car purchases. Your Company is consistent in its philosophy of no fees and as far as I know the lowest cost dealer. Thank you for a flawless transaction with zero drama.” – Mark Bobroff.

[divider] 01-02-2018

“Tommy Jr. and his Corvette team made our out of State purchase seamless and pleasant. Every step of the process was explained and handled professionally. They always responded to questions in a timely manner. A special Thanks to Nicole and Jessy.” – Alfred P.

[divider] 06-09-2017

“I could not believe how easy this whole process was. I live in south texas. I tried really hard to make a deal on the car I wanted here locally. The zo6 that I wanted was here at my local dealership, but they just wouldn’t deal. MacMulkin beat their deal by over 5000 dollars. Was apprehensive about doing a deal out of state, but after talking to Jesse, he assured me that it would go smoothly and he was right. Mark, Tommy jr.,Jesse, Todd, Nicole, Sierra, Lisa, were all the most professional, kind, patient, and knowledgeable car people I have ever dealt with. I hate buying cars, but MacMulkin and their corvette team made it an awesome experience. Thanks again MacMulkin Chevrolet. When I buy my zr1, it will be from u guys.” – Jimmy Lambert

[divider] 05-26-2017

“My wife and I met with Jessy who spent time with us going over options for a new Corvette. He was knowledgeable, patient and made the experience pleasurable and easy. We walked out having purchased a vehicle. I returned a few days later after an X Pel coating had been applied to my car and met with Kenny G. Kenny walked me through the purchase agreement and then spent a good amount of time showing me the features of the car and setting it up for me. Both of these guys left me feeling impressed with the purchase experience!” – Charles Traver Jr

[divider] 05-25-2017

“I came in for my 500 mile service for my ’17’ ZO6. Everyone was great from service to support to sales!! Thank you to Tommy Jr., Mark, Jesse and Kenny G for making sure everything went smoothly and that I was totally satisfied with all the work.” – Damian Marciante

[divider] 05-12-2017

“I’ve had nothing but an excellent experience with Macmulkin. The Corvette is my first GM car, and I have to say I’ve been blown away by the customer experience. Everyone is smiling, everyone says hi, asks if they can help, and they seem genuinely happy to work with me.” – Frederick Oettinger

[divider] 05-02-2017

“My Corvette purchase was well handled efficiently, professionally, and with no surprises. The (low) price they quoted was the price I paid. MacMulkin has some of the best Corvette prices in the country (if not the best) which might lead one to believe they must be cutting costs somewhere, such as providing a mediocre car buying experience. They are not. I have dealt with many car dealerships, and MacMulkin ranks at or near the top. Jessy, my Corvette Sales Team associate, and Sierra, who I spoke to a couple of times about finalizing my order, were friendly, responsive and competent. They were passionate about the cars they were selling and provided a top notch car buying experience. The whole dealership had a kind of car enthusiast’s vibe to it, and I could see why MacMulkin is so highly regarded on the Corvette forums and enthusiast websites. I would definitely recommend MacMulkin Chevrolet. “ – Charles Taylor

[divider] 04-15-2017

“Tommy JR. and the Corvette Team at Macmulkin Chevrolet in Nashua, New Hampshire is the best car buying experience I have ever had other than the last time I bought a 2013 427 collection edition from Tommy JR. At Macmulkin Chevrolet. Tommy JR. , Kenny G , Jesse, and Mark from Tommy JR’s Corvette Sales Team are all so professional and personal and are extremely well versed with the Corvette brand and model and make your buying experience the very best it could be!!! I can see why MacMulkin Chevrolet is the number 2 Corvette dealership in the country and it won’t be long before they take the number 1 spot from Kerbeck in New Jersey and will never look back! I know for me I will only be doing business with them for the rest of my lifetime an I also suggest Macmulkin Chevrolet to friends and family members for Corvettes!!!!!!” – William Hart

[divider] 04-10-2017

“I’ve made the previous mistake of buying 2 new Corvettes from dealers that were NOT Corvette specialists. MacMulkin makes the difference as they know their stuff and do a great job of representing Chevrolet’s flagship car. Impressive staff of knowledgeable and friendly people.” – Kevin Smith

[divider] 03-23-2017

“Buying a vette sight unseen was truly an eye opener. Other dealers would have made this whole process much more difficult than it would need to be. Tommy Jr. was amazingly efficient. Things got done and got done quick. The whole team is a pleasure to deal with. I’ll be sending others as its a no brainier to buy from MacMulkin. Oh, and don’t forget the price!” – Timothy Pyle

[divider] 03-23-2017

“The sales team at MacKulkin Chevrolet in Nashua, NH was outstanding. I purchased a new Corvette from out of state, and I was apprehensive about the process. It was a 5 hour drive for me to get to the dealership, and when we arrived everything went very smoothly. They do such a sales volume that they have the process down to a science. However, they made the buying process very intimate, and gave us outstanding personal attention and didn’t rush us out the door. The sales reps took the time to carefully explain the features of our new car, and made sure that we were completely satisfied before we left. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.” – William Delahanty

[divider] 01-23-2017

“I can’t tell you how many dealer’s I contacted who are selling Corvettes and didn’t really know what they should regarding the car, options to purchase or ordering process. It’s so refreshing to deal with folks who actually care when someone is spending $90K on a automobile. MacMulkin is one of those dealers I would certainly buy from over and over. Thank you for being the exceptional exception.” – James Black

[divider] 12-21-2016

“From the first phone call that I made to the dealer and left a message for someone to call me back with information, Tommy Jr. called me late that night because he didn’t wanted the day to go by without me getting a response. That showed me a lot of professionalism. From then on, I was always kept informed on the progress of my purchase. You claim to be the second [largest Corvette] dealer in the nation. I proclaim that [you] are #1. The whole team was very helpful and my emails and phone calls were answered right away. As a customer, that a good feeling. Special thanks to Sierra for all her help (I know I can be a pain) and Tommy Jr. for a great discount. Really, I thank you guys for everything, I should be getting my car delivered today at my house and the Museum Delivery was a great experience. I will definitely keep recommending you guys.” – Carlos Valdes

[divider] 12-17-2016

“This purchase was done via phone and FedEx express because I am approximately 1300 miles from your dealership, being this was done over the phone, everyone I dealt with from the receptionist, sales and finance were very knowledgeable and professional, they kept me informed throughout the entire process, my car is scheduled for pickup this Sunday and I’m confident that Macmulkin will make sure that will be a smooth transition. I have already recommended Macmulkin Chevrolet to several members in the Corvette club I belong to.” – David Tyree

[divider] 12-15-2016

“Was absolutely fantastic ! Tommy Jr is the best. Love my new Corvette!” – George Mackay

[divider] 12-12-2016

“Mark listened and understand my price point for purchasing a 2017 Grant Sport Corvette coupe in Nov/Dec time frame. I notice a price drop on Nov. 7 on the Cargurus website. I met & negotiated with Mark & Rob on Nov 30th and was told that incentive expired. Marc & Rob suggested I wait for new incentive offer to meet my price point. On Dec 2nd Mark contacted me and informed me an new incentive that was 15% off MSRP that price reduction met my price point. On Dec 5th I met with Mark & Rob & purchased the vehicle.” – Gerardo Diiorio

[divider] 12-09-2016

“Great group of guys, very knowledgeable and helpful. Tommy Jr. is a great guy, he closed the deal for me. I have already sent up a couple of guys to talk to Tommy about trading in their older Corvettes.” – Damian Marciante

[divider] 12-09-2016

“Best Car buying experience I ever had! Tommy Jr and his team are the best! All GM dealerships should strive to be as good as this one.” – Gary Nochimson

[divider] 11-29-2016

“Very pleasant service visit……also worked with Kenny G. To get a refresher course on my new Corvette. He spent about an hour updating my knowledge of the systems in a very professional manner. He is am asset worth rewarding in my judgement……” – Ron Casciato

[divider] 11-18-2016

“The “out the door ” price quoted on the phone was honored (I live in southwest Connecticut, several hours away from Mac Mulkin). Sales people were friendly and up front. When a minor mechanical problem was detected in the just purchased Corvette, before I was about to drive it home, they offered to “flat bed” my new car to my home so I wouldn’t have to spend an entire day returning to the dealer to pick the car up after it was repaired.” – Joseph Wodarski

[divider] 11-17-2016

“Mark, Jessy, Kenny, and Todd. It was honestly the best buying experience I’ve ever had! And it being my first time purchasing out of state and flying in, I was a little nervous, but they made the process so simple and easy! Had a guy waiting at the airport to pick us up, had all the paperwork ready to go, as well as the car. Just a great group of people that really know Corvettes and love them as well!” – Trenton Snyder

[divider] 10-22-2016

“This is the 2nd Corvette i have purchased from MacMulkin. Simple buying process with no added fees like most dealers charge. I would recommend anyone looking for a Corvette or a Chevy to check this dealership out.” – Edgar Acosta

[divider] 10-04-2016

“My wife, Danica, and I, bought our 1st new Corvette that day. Mike Makarewicz took my original call and the rest is history. I felt like I was dealing with someone I knew and the deal went smoothly. He answered or promptly returned al of my phone calls. He did a great job! When we arrived from Florida, we were immediately greeted by our shuttle driver, Ron ? We conversed en route to MacMulkin and was cheery and genuine. At the dealership, we dealt with Kenny “G” Gaither. Again, same positive experience continued. Great guy that took his time with us and showed us around the museum. Our deal went into the early evening and Kenny continued with the same enthusiasm. He made sure we were good and offered his assistance in the future. Absolutely would return and recommend to friends!” – Jeremy Mccutcheon

[divider] 09-13-2016

“I learned of MacMulkin through an ad I saw online and I am glad I saw it! Rob Loszewski. is the person that handled my deal from start to finish. I initially selected a car, but I had buyers remorse before purchasing the car; when i backed out of the deal, I expected Rob to cut ties with me, but just the opposite happened.  He worked harder to sell me the car I wanted and was completely understanding of my reasoning to back out of the first car deal. Without Rob Loszewski, I would not have purchased from MacMulkin!” – Jason McGinn

[divider] 09-13-2016

“The staff at MacMulkin was courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. The transaction was flawless. I highly recommend anyone in the market for a new corvette call and ask for Mark or Tommy. You will not be disappointed! I am enjoying my 2017 Corvette Grand Sport and thinking about my next purchase with MacMulkin” – Glenn Blackwell

[divider] 09-13-2016

“Everything from the initial phone call to the bottles of water for my ride home was great. My Z06 of choice was held for me pending completion of the deal which I appreciate very much. The delivery was awesome as Jessy provided info to me about the Z06 that was not provided to me by another dealer on a prior Z06 purchase. Thanks to Mark and Jessy and I will look forward to my next purchase at MacMulkin.” – Michael Falaguerra

[divider] 09-13-2016

“Everyone I dealt with were very professional and did a fine job! I live 20 miles from Kerbek Chevrolet who are the largest Corvette dealers in the world and I chose to deal with your dealership instead. I would recommend your dealership to anyone!” – Joseph D’Amico

[divider] 08-26-2016

“The customer service from the beginning was nothing but extraordinary. From the time I was looking at which dealer I would use to order my 2017 Grand Sport until the time I went to the Museum to pick up my dream car, the employees couldn’t do enough for me. They even followed up with a phone call to be sure everything at the Museum went well and asked me to call them in the future with any questions or issues. I would recommend MacMulkin to any person who is looking to purchase a new vehicle. They just get it on how to treat prospective and new customers and that means so much to me in today’s consumer market. Well done!!!!!!!” – James Anthony

[divider] 08-26-2016

“It was a pleasure dealing with Tommy Jr. in placing the order for my Grand Sport and negotiating the trade for my 14 stingray. I was kept informed of my order status and delivery. When the car arrived I dealt with Mark, Jesse, and Kenny G who made it a very easy and pleasant experience. This is my second corvette from MacMulkin and I highly recommend the dealership and staff.” – John Reardon Jr.

[divider] 08-22-2016

“I’d like to say a big thank you to Jessy, Kenny G, Mark and Sierra! We love our new Corvette Grand Sport and you all were terrific to work with. Especially a big thank for getting it ready on this past Friday when I needed it and working through all the last minute challenges. Kenny, thank you for the thorough pre-flight check out and for helping me in the dozen phone calls after I took delivery.

Awesome car, honest and straightforward deal, great personal service. Thank you everyone!” – Rick

[divider] 08-08-2016

“The easiest time I’ve ever had buying a car. Almost the whole transaction was completed online and over the phone and only required about 5 minutes worth of paperwork. Very low pressure and no BS. The whole Corvette sales team was very knowledgeable and passionate about the product. A great overall experience.” – Daniel Malloy

[divider] 08-04-2016

“Best dealer I have ever dealt with Tommy, Mark, Kenny G. and the entire Delivery and Service team are world class. I have referred many friends and they are equally impressed. This was my 6th car purchase from MacMulkin.” – Ralph Specht



“Always an easy and up front process to buy a Corvette here. Mark is fantastic and they make the entire process very easy and make me feel like the most important customer they have.”- James, New Hampshire



“Never had experience like this before at any dealer. I was treated great as soon as I walked in the door. Cody and Mark were real helpful but not pushy. They answered all my questions and gave me the space I needed to make my decision. This was my first purchase of a corvette, so I was a little nervous. I was more at ease than I would have expected. If someone asks me where they should buy a Vette, this is the place I will definitely tell them to go first.”- Bruce, Rhode Island


“Every stage of my experience with MacMulkin was quite professional and very much appreciated. I had been dealing with 3-4 other Chevy dealerships over the last year attempting to buy a Corvette and was so frustrated I almost gave up the effort. The experience was truly like the “bad old days” of car buying. MacMulkin completely transformed my experience and restored my confidence in General Motors.”


“This is my fifth car from MacMulkin. Would not go anywhere else Tommy and Mark are top notch.”


“The sales people I dealt with at this dealership were warm and friendly AND very honest. Thank You for your hospitality and a great car. We got home after 7500 miles in our 2016 Corvette, what a car and a very comfortable ride. Thanks again, Don From Oregon”


“I already have made a recommendation to a potential Corvette buyer. The purchase experience was excellent, beginning with Tommy Thompson who provided information very clearly and presented options concerning a possible Corvette purchase. It took me a few weeks with the decision but he was always cordial and helpful. He returned calls promptly and provided the information required from me to proceed with the purchase. Everything was transparent, which I appreciated. I am impressed at how well organized the process is, with all the documents and instructions clearly describing my responsibilities. The method of handling documents via FedEx was, I think, easier than the last car purchase I made in a showroom. The delivery process went well, with Coty providing an update with photos of the car being loaded into the InterCity van (that was a very nice touch). The InterCity delivery was truly outstanding with excellent communication to keep me apprised of the plan and schedule.”


“By far the best car purchasing experience I have ever had. Mark Makarewicz/Jessy was amazing to deal with no pressure super helpful and patient. Made purchasing my Corvette the easiest experience I have had. I would recommend him to anyone. BEST price with service to match don’t waste your time anywhere else! Tom Thompson Jr was also great, honest to the point no bull dealership.”

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