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Below is a listing of Status Codes associated with the various stages of Corvette production from ordering to delivery:

1100 – Preliminary Order:  As soon as your order is placed with GM, the status code is automatically set to this number.

2000 – Accepted by GM:  At this status, GM has accepted your order.

3000 – Accepted by Production Control:  Your Corvette order has now been accepted for production. A TPW (target production week) date may or may not be scheduled at this time.

3300 – Scheduled for Production:  Your Corvette order has now been scheduled for production.  A TPW date should now be available. Check order tracking for your TPW.

3400 – Broadcast:  At this point, parts are being pulled for your car prior to the start of production.

3800 – PRODUCED:  Your Corvette has finally been built!  At this point, you should receive an email from MacMulkin Chevrolet announcing the birth of your Corvette!

4B00 – Bayed:   At this status, your Corvette has been parked in the back storage lot of the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant and is waiting to be loaded on to a carrier.  It’s important to note that your order status may change several times between this status and the 4000 status below depending on how it’s being shipped (direct via car hauler or rail car from Toledo, Ohio).

4200 – Shipped:  Your Corvette has been shipped!  At this point, preparation for financing can begin.

4200RY – Shipped:  Your Corvette has begun the second leg of it’s trip and is being shipped to the Rail Yard in your Delivery state.

4200BGT – Shipped:  Your Corvette has begun the first leg of its trip and is being shipped from the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant to Toledo, Ohio.

4300 – Intermediate Delivery by truck.

4800 – In-Transit:  Your Corvette is currently being unloaded at the Rail Yard and will begin transit to its final destination.

5000 – Delivered to Dealer:  Your Corvette has been delivered to your dealer and is awaiting your arrival!

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