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Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Corvette purchasing as they relate to direct purchase, ordering, shipping and the entire process from start to finish.

Direct Purchase and Ordering

  • Do I have to come to New Hampshire to buy a Corvette from us?  NO! We are are extremely experienced in handling your entire purchase process without you having to physically come to our dealership.
  • I’m thinking of trading in my car, what do I need to do?  You need to answer the following questions as descriptive and accurate as possible.  If you can supply a copy of the window sticker with the options that would be helpful:
    1. What are the exterior/interior (top if applicable) colors?
    2. The year, make, model, VIN and mileage?
    3. Did you buy the car new?
    4. Where did you buy it?
    5. Any accidents?
    6. Does the car have any service lights on or check engine lights?
    7. Does the car need any servicing?
    8. Does the car have a clean Carfax?
    9. Any paint work, chips or scratches?  Any scrapes underneath?
    10. What is the condition of the front bumper or rocker panels?
    11. Is there any curb rash on any of the wheels?
    12. Tire wear (if  tires were changed, what brand and how many miles ago)?
    13. Interior condition?
    14. Is there a front plate installed or mud flaps?  Please list any/all after market parts?
  • I want to purchase one of your in-stock Corvettes / order a Corvette, but live across the country, what do I need to do?
    Below is what we would need if you decide that you would like to purchase one of our in-stock Corvettes or would like to place an order for a Corvette.  Keep in mind that we have NO DEALER DOCUMENTATION FEES!

    1. Copy of your drivers license or both if it’s in 2 names.
    2. The exact way you want it titled (name or names and address)
    3. All contact info (phone numbers and emails)
    4. The exact car you want with the quote we gave you
    5. If you would like to have the car delivered to a local Chevrolet dealer near you (Courtesy Delivery), give us a list of the local Chevrolet dealers of your choice for the Courtesy Delivery and we will arrange the delivery with that dealer.  Courtesy Deliveries typically cost $350 – $500 that you would pay to that dealer.
    6. Overnight everything and also a certified bank check made out to MacMulkin Chevrolet 32995 for the deposit amount we give you (if ordering a Corvette:  non refundable once the order is placed).  Once we get a tracking number from you for the packet, then we can get the car put on hold.MacMulkin Chevrolet
      Attn: Corvette Dept.
      3 Marmon Drive
      Nashua, NH 03060
    7. If you’re financing the vehicle and not paying cash. We need to make sure there’s no issue’s at time of delivery getting approved.
    8. No exporters, brokers or dealers. All vehicles must be registered. If financed through us, we must roll sales tax into the loan to ensure the vehicle gets registered and we get funded on the contract.
    9. If ordering, once your order is placed, and a tracking number is assigned, we will give you the tracking number and you can enter it here to track your order with GM

Ordering Process

Twice a month GM loads their “Estimated Shipments” into the order workbench. They determine how many of each product a dealer has “earned”. Based on a “snapshot” of their inventory, they consider their “adjusted day supply” (ADS) to the national ADS. The dealer then reviews the estimated shipments and enters their 3 month forecast and requested quantities and submit to GM. Unless GM has more capacity at a factory than dealers request, the dealer is limited to what allocation they are assigned. Dealers can turn down allocation, and those units go to dealers that have requested more than GM estimated for them.

Final Consensus:
This is the amount of product the dealer gets after GM has reviewed their requested quantities.

Dealer Order Submission Process is the weekly order cycle. On Thursday dealers can place orders for units allocated to them. Orders must be placed by 9 PM Eastern Time Saturday. Basically they have a three day window to submit orders weekly. If you go to tour dealer and order on a Tuesday, it will actually not go to GM until Thursday. But if you order on a Sunday, you have to wait for the following week to get your order in on that coming Thursday.

The weekly process consists of 4 stages.

1. Constraints Distribution – Dealers are informed on constraints to review before placing orders.

2. Dealer Order Submission – Dealers can order on Thursday, Friday or no later than midnight on Saturday. ( You can submit orders earlier but you don’t know the constraints. A Constraint is a limit placed on a specific build configuration )

3. The 4-Pass Process – GM will attempt to place each dealers orders on Mondays using a 4-Pass process. ( At this point a dealer may get more or less than was allocated if they asked.)

4. Dealer Review-You can review your placed orders for changes or replacements until Tuesday at 9pm ET. That’s when the orders are sent for production.

Order Entry Available:
This is when GM Work Bench will allow you to build a car in the system. This isn’t the same as submitting an order to GM. Mainly the dealer has time to craft the cars they might want ahead of GM assigning allocation.

Shipping FAQs

  • Status Code 5000 – Your Corvette has been delivered to the dealer: If your Corvette order reaches status code 5000, your Corvette has either arrived at the dealership that you placed your order from, or if you did the National Corvette Museum Delivery (RPO R8C) – your Corvette will be delivered to the National Corvette Museum and not the dealer you ordered it from.
  • Shipping Time via Rail Car: All Corvettes are shipped from the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant by Jack Cooper Transport Co., Inc. of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Depending on which state your Corvette is being shipped to, can dictate the overall length of time it takes to receive your new Corvette from the time of ordering. If a Corvette is being shipped to a western state, such as California, the Corvette is transported from the factory to Toledo, Ohio where it is placed about a rail carrier for transport across the country. This can extend the amount of time it takes for you to receive your Corvette. Corvettes that are brought to Toledo, Ohio are typically stored for an undetermined amount of time. This can lead to a time of two to three months between ordering and taking delivery based upon recent history. Below is a listing of States where Corvettes are transported to via rail car:
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Idaho
    • Maine
    • Massachusetts (City of Boston)
    • Montana
    • Nebraska
    • Nevada
    • New Hampshire (northern part of the state)
    • New Mexico
    • New York (North of Albany)
    • Oregon
    • Texas
      Texas Map showing rail vs. direct delivery.

      Texas Map showing rail vs. direct delivery.

    • Washington
  • Shipping Time via Direct Shipment: If your new Corvette is being shipped to a state not listed above, the time between ordering and taking delivery is approximately 5 – 8 weeks based upon recent history.
  • Special Edition / Limited Production Corvettes:  Because these Corvettes are usually built in batches at the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant, there is no way for us to predict when the factory will decide to do a production run of these cars.  As a result, the amount of time it takes from initial order to final production could be longer than normal production Corvettes by as much as three weeks.  Unfortunately, this process is out of our control.